Re: Modern Neanderthals?

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Mon, 14 Oct 1996 21:39:40 -0700

Yousuf Khan wrote:
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> wrote:
> >> Why the Yeti? Why not the modern people of Europe, Middle East, and India?
> >> Neanderthals populated all those parts of the world when we recognized them
> >> as Neanderthals. Now we recognize them as Caucasians.
> >Yousuf while there is no doubt Neanderthal genes in Europe and
> >the Middle East, your statement is rather absurd. It is like
> >calling Africans Australopithecus because they were only found
> >in Africa. Best Regards
> Not if neanderthals weren't a separate species. I personally find the whole
> concept of classifying Neanderthals as a separate species as a racist
> concept. Scientists who are so disgusted by what they see that they can't
> stand to classify them in the same category as "us" (whoever "us" may be at
> the time).
> I can guarantee you that if were having this conversation in the last
> century, we'd be calling individual races as separate species. Blacks,
> whites, orientals, etc. Let's face it there are enough features different
> between these groups to justify classifying them separately: shapes of
> noses, flatness of faces, musculature, etc. Yet today in our more
> "enlightened" times we wouldn't dream of calling any of our existing
> peoples as members of separate species, because all of those differences
> are considered "minor".
> I can guarantee you that in the next 100 years that some anthropologists of
> that time will be sitting around discussing how racist we were for
> considering Neanderthal features as even remotely significant. Of course,
> by then they will have their own set of prejudices to overcome.
> Yousuf Khan
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> Yousuf J. Khan
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> Nation's capital........................................................................No doubt Neanderthals are human in every manner. I agree with
your post.