Re: Speciation-how do you know?

Yousuf Khan (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 13:36:54 GMT

On 12 Oct 1996 17:40:57 GMT, Gotschall) wrote:

>I haven't even
>been able to discern a universally recognized criteria for just what
>skeletal features constitute a species, or what a species is for that
>matter. I think you would need thousands of nearly complete skeletons
>to determine most of these questions anyway. Considering past abuses
>done in the name of paleontological research, and being a biologist at
>heart, I'm inclined to lump things together. I mean if it walks like
>duck etc. I'm inclined to call it a duck, even if its an ugly duck.
>Beauty is far too subjective a criteria in which to judge humanity.

That to me is the biggest problem with this speciation problem, too many
people making arbitrary judgements about beauty, and lumping things
together based only on aesthetics.

Yousuf Khan

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