Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Robert Gotschall (
12 Oct 1996 12:25:17 GMT

In <> Jane
Andrews <> writes:
>On 10 Oct 1996, HARRY R. ERWIN wrote:
>> Nick Maclaren ( wrote:
>> : are we QUITE certain that we do not have some Neanderthal ancestry
>> : ourselves?
>> I believe late intermediates are known in eastern Europe and western
>> but not in western Europe.
>I'd be interested to know which to material you are refering here. I
>that in the past people have suggested that the Predmost material is
>transitional, but even a cursory glance at skulls from there shows
>they are fully modern (or at least as modern as any H.s.s. was in the
>Palaeolithic). Are there any more convincing examples?
>Jane Andrews.
Over the years I've read a lot of articles describing the great
differences between Neanderthal and modern skeletons, but have yet to
read a good statistical description. I'm not a mathematician but I'd
like to get a more objective description of the range, standard
deviation, etc. of modern human skeletal morphology as compared to
archaic forms. Can anyone give me a reference or a site for such a
description. It would help me follow this discussion. Appreciate it.