Re: Modern Neanderthals?

Bob Keeter (
8 Oct 1996 13:35:17 GMT (Randy) wrote:
>Just finished a novel, _Neanderthal_, by Darnton. Premise is that
>Neanderthals survive in the Pamirs, a high mountain range on Himilayan
>plateau near southern Russia, Afghanistan, etc. His basic point was
>that being intelligent and also evolved for survival in the ice age,
>they could live on in the high mountains. He cites reports of the
>"Alma" and, of course, the "Yeti" in this region as evidence.
>Similar premise to be found in Crichton's _Eaters of the Dead_.
>Why or Why not?
>Randy Smith

All you have to do is to look at the physiology of the Neanderthal to
recognize that he was very "survival oriented". On the other hand, they
disappeared in Europe, some say becausee of competition with the more
modern design humans from Africa, some say because the environmental
factors that spawned the group disappeared. While it is possible that
the high remote mountains of the Pamirs or Himalayas might represent
a pretty good simulation of Europe in the Ice Age, I dont really think
that a culture of Neanderthals could exist without being observed in
some form. Very small groups that could conceiably escape detection
would just not provide enough genetic material to support long term

On the other hand, those kind of legends do seem to have some sort
of credibility or at least maybee some basis in past history. The
latest indisputable Neanderthal material comes from about 30k years
ago, could be that at that point in time and for some time thereafter
there could have been surviving bands that we just have not found
any indication of, except for the legends of Alma or Yeti.