Neandertal bone structure

Jim Foley (
7 Oct 1996 18:53:34 GMT

In the appendix to "Singletusk", a novel by paleontologist Bjorn Kurten,
is the following paragraph:

"In this story, the Neandertals are depicted as light-complexioned,
and there is good evidence for this. Neandertal bone structure is
extraordinarily dense, which proves that they had an excellent supply of
vitamin D. European winters (at least north of the Alps) are poor in
sunlight, and a dark-pigmented skin might easily be the cause of vitamin
D deficiency, with resulting brittleness of bone, or osteoporosis. A
strong selection pressure for loss of pigment may be deduced."

Does anyone know of any references for Neandertal bones being
"extraordinarily dense"? I would like to find out more about this.

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