Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Paul Crowley (
Mon, 07 Oct 96 21:53:20 GMT

In article <53ar55$> "Nick Maclaren" writes:

> |> Bantu hunters occupy a niche that is quite distinct from that of
> |> lions or that could possibly have been occupied by Neanderthals -
> |> a diurnal one exploiting fast running and long endurance. They
> |> run down their prey. They operate in an open, fairly dry
> |> territory with long sight lines. They are highly skilled hunters
> |> with thousands of years of tradition. (This is how I understand
> |> it anyway - I'm no expert.)
> Well, I am afraid that you are wrong. There are between 5 and 8
> major errors of fact in that paragraph, depending on how you count
> them. And by "major errors of fact" I mean statements where the
> truth is close to the converse of what you have said.

I'm thinking of the !Kung hunters of the Kalahari. Maybe they are
not "Bantu". Well, I'm always open to correction.