Classification of Hominoidea?

T. Mike Keesey (
Sun, 6 Oct 1996 18:07:53 -0400

I'm familiar with the Linnaean classification of Hominoidea, wherein there
are three families - Hylobatidae (gibbons), Pongidae (great apes), and
Hominidae (humans and "ape-men"). This system obviously doesn't work in
cladistics since "Pongidae" is paraphyletic. So how *does* the cladistic
classification of Hominoidea go?

This would be my guess:

_unnamed (Anthropoidea?)

Is this far off? What about other extinct genera (Ramapithecus,
Proconsul)? Is Australopithecus paraphyletic? Should the name Paranthropus
be used for "robust australopithecines"?

Thanks in advance-

-Michael Keesey
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