Re: Neanderthals' Noses Blow Scientists Away

Nick Maclaren (
5 Oct 1996 13:48:14 GMT

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Ralph L Holloway <> wrote:
>On 3 Oct 1996, Nick Maclaren wrote:
>> Yes, there are. It is trivial to separate most populations and often
>> easy to distinguish even individual skeletons. In fact, I am 90%
>> certain that you can separate mainly celtic groups from mainly
>> germanic ones on the basis of the skulls alone! The same is true for
>> many geographical variants of other mammals.
>I'd like to bite on this. How do you distinguish "mainly celtic groups"
>for "Germanic ones" using just the skull?

As I said, I am 90% certain. I should not be flabberghasted to learn
that this is wrong.

But I believe that germanic crania tend to be more rounded, and rarely
have a cranial ridge (whereas celtic ones more often do). I have also
been told by one expert that there are minor differences in the 'bite'
(as dentists say). Remember that I was talking about populations and
not individuals, so relative frequency analysis can be used.

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