Re: Creation or Evolution? You Decide :)

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Tue, 01 Oct 96 00:29:01 GMT

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>I have a degree in physics. I find it interesting that creationists are
>now attacking not just the origin of species but also the origin of the
>universe. I don't know what to do about this creeping ignorance but it's
>amazing that a technological superpower like the United States can't do a
>better job educating its children. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, we must
>all hang together or we will all hang seperately.

When the majority of public school teachers spend more time taking "education"
courses than learning the subject(s) they teach, and when most school systems
forbid separation of students into classes based on achievement, rather than
by random assignment, what do you expect? These have both become prevalent
over the past 30-40 years, and the results are obvious. (And no, I'm not
saying these are the only problems, far from it, but they're symptomatic.)

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