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>I know you are still sceptical about this power to weight ratio
>business. However, it makes a lot of sense in the context of a
>marginal variant evolutionary change.
>In my view, the hominid development was the result of such a
>change. There was a mainstream ancestral African Ape which was
>the common ancestor of the hominids and Gorilla/Chimps. The
>mainstream ancestral Ape environment was sufficiently gradualist
>to allow an inhabitable marginal environment. Individuals with
>non-standard characteristics were forced out of the ancestral
>Ape's mainstream environment. When they reached the periphery,
>most of them died. However, some of them had characteristics
>which were suitable for a marginal environment. These survived
>and mated. This process led to a marginal variant specie.

I have been following your colloquy on this N.G. for a coupleof
weeks. Fascinating!
What I missed --- much as one who came in during the second act of a play
--- is exactly what is the "power to weight ratio"? Is it:

1. Muscle power to muscle weight ie: fat content
2. Muscle power to skeletal weight. ie:attachment, mechanical
advantage from
3. Body power to brain weight. Gracile vs Robustus
4. Body weight to brain power. Concept vs Sence perception
5. Other ?

Lastly, may I suggest the event that led to the creation of the niche
that allowed,
even forced, the development of the bipedal hominids.--- The development
of the continental Rift ---- To the west,well watered and forested. To the
west, uplifted and arid. No proto-hominids to the west. No chimps or
gorillas to the east.
Time: Beginning about 4M years B.P.

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