Re: Current Signals of Increases in Testosterone

Ralph L Holloway (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 11:46:37 -0400

This is an extremely interesting post. I assume that James Howard is
also aware of the 1992 (Steroids) study by Ellis et al which also showed
an increased testosterone production among Black military personnel,
*when* corrected for age and body weight. In their Table 2, Asian/Pacific
Islanders actually had the highest testosterone titres, which were
measured as testosterone units per deciliter. The total sample as I recall
was in the thousands. Aftercorrecting for weight and age, Asians became
the lowest in testosterone. Phil Rushton uses t this study to support his
contentions regarding racial differences in the brain, sexuality,
criminality, breeding (r-K-selection, etc, etc,). The Ellis et al study
was more concerned with health issues such as stress.
What I can't for the life of me understand, is why, if this is true,
there are almost no replication studies, or a literature that provides
more than one or two disparate instances of these findings which might
have great potential in enabling us to better understand current issues of
health and disease. Why is this?
Ralph Holloway