Re: Morgan Tears 3.

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Mon, 30 Oct 1995 15:07:45 GMT

Subject: Re: Morgan Tears 3.
From: Alex Duncan,
Date: 28 Oct 1995 16:08:28 GMT
In article <46tkhs$> Alex Duncan, writes:
>In article <> Elaine Morgan,
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>>Question Three. Is it true that elephants weep?
>"For the size of its head, an elephant has small eyes, with long lashes.
>There is only a vestigial tear gland but another gland has taken over its
>function. There is no tear duct and the 'tears' simply evaporate,
>although they sometimes overflow and run down the cheek."
>Shoshani, J (1991) Anatomy and physiology. In (Eltringham SK,
>consultant) The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Elephants. New York: Crescent
>It's unclear to me why AAHers would want to use elephants as an analogy
>for the AAH argument, except as the very worst sort of argumentation.
>Elephants are terrestrial animals. The fact that they take a bath
>occasionally doesn't change that.
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I thought someone posted that elephants had some kind of aquatic
ancestor? Didn't you see that Alex? Perhaps some kind of seal and
elephants share a common ancestor (the elephant seal mabe?).
I would not be surprised to find that elephants have been aquatic at one
There was a pepsi commercial recently that showed an elephant swimming
buy using his nose as sort of a snorkel. Apparently elephants can swim
quite well using this technique.