Re: Aquatic predators...

Thomas Clarke (
27 Oct 1995 14:32:41 GMT

In article <> writes:

> Cl> Why is it fatal? Why is not predation by lions etc a fatal flaw for
> Cl> scenarios that have the hominds going directly from the trees to
> Cl> bipedalism on the savannah?

> On 9-27-95 I reposted something I wrote back in July on this
> subject; do I have to repost again and again? How often do you
> need to see it -- every week?

I saw it. I think I even have it saved.
Reposting does not make the argument any more convincing. I still
disagree. While I am now a declared neutral in the AAT wars.
I still think that the aquatic predator issue is not fatal for
teh AAT. My neutrality comes from seeing a way that the transition
to bipedalism could have reasonabley happened without the mediation
of an aquatic phase.

> Okay, I give up... I'll repost once again my posts on predation.
> I'll dig them out tomorrow. Will you please read them THIS time?

Don't bother. I'll still disagree.

Tom Clarke