Re: tears

Elaine Morgan (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 11:52:41 GMT

In article: <> (J.
Moore) writes:
> Elaine Morgan doesn't seem to be so helpful with me. I've asked
> her for any and all references for her statements, and have yet
> to receive a single one.

Oh come on, this is viciously unfair. You have never asked for any
specific reference which I refused to supply. You issued a command that I
should in effect go back and go through everything I have ever
written which gave a quote without page references, and fill them all in.
I took this to be a wisecrack rather than a serious proposition. On the
savannah question when I gave a list with page references you simply
complained that it would be too much trouble to look them all up. You are
not the only one with other things to do. It would also help if you
avoided using weasel phrases like "I could not find it" to imply "it was
not there".