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H. M. Hubey (
22 Oct 1995 15:55:28 -0400

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>In article <468c9q$> Thomas Clarke,
> writes:

>>I guess I am very much a follower of Dawkins and those who use
>>the concept of a phylogenetic landscape. By "adaptive", I, of course,
>>mean reproductively fit. Thus while variations are random, only
>>those that lead to increased reproduction (adaption) increase in
>>frequency so that the population tends to evolve in the direction of
>>those traits.

>Ever heard of genetic drift? It's real. It happens frequently. Try a
>basic biology text.

You continue to use words whose meanings you don't understand
and continue to insult people all the time by telling them
they are ignorant but others keep quiet most of the time allowing
the readers to see for themselves.

What you have written are only words "genetic drift" blah blah.

Read Mr. Clark's words carefully, I left them there on purpose.

You made this mistake before a few times. Yes, the mutations/variations
are at random. But it is either maladaptive or not. If it is maladaptive
it will have died off so only the non_maladaptive are left. So the
evolution is in the direction of the adaptive/advantageous traits
Among the most advantageous/adaptive (if not the most adaptive)
is intelligence. That is the general direction of evolution.

If Mr. Clarke used your strategem he'd tell you to read some
basic books on math.


Regards, Mark