Re: Just ignore the annoying AAT crap!

Bearcat (
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 03:04:02 GMT

Angelique Skiman ( wrote:

: I have a suggestion for those people, like myself, that are sick
: and tired of reading about this silly AAT theory: Let's just ignore them!
: Aany post, comment, etc. I am tired of this silly topic dominating this
: group. The more we respond to them, the more time and energy we waste. If
: you feel the need to respond, why not just do it via email?

well, i tried to convince the water apes to start their own
group: pseudo-sci.athropology.paleo, but all the people on
this group are too polite to tolerate neanderthals such as i.
in all fairness, my language was a tad obscene.

- bearcat