Re: post from Holloway

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 15:38:11 GMT (H. M. Hubey) wrote:

>I'm pretty sure they can think. I doubt very much that they
>can think about evolution.

Does that place them lower on the scale?

>Don't forget that I think that an intelligence scale should be
>logarithmic and it should include all living things along with
>machines in order for it to be an absolute scale. So it doesn't
>make sense that I don't think snakes can think.

So,intelligence is the criterion of evolutionary advancement?
How are you going to measure intelligence in a rattlesnake or E.coli?
By doing a Stanford-Binet test?
You have already scaled the organisms before doing the measurements.
On what grounds?

>so then what is "thinking" ?? And what is "intelligence"???

Umm.let's see.
"Thinking" is using your mind,and "intelligence" is cleverness.