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Tue, 24 Oct 95 11:10:00 -0500

IB> >In article <> J. Moore,
IB> > writes:

IB> >>Then Frey continues with reports of other animals shedding tears:
IB> >>dogs and wolves (Cecil Reynolds 1925); seal (Ronald M. Lockley
IB> >>1966 *Grey Seal, Common Seal*); sea otter (Georg W. Stellar);
IB> >>lab rats (red tears from Harderian glands [the same types of glands
IB> >>that elephants have]) (John E. Harkness and Marcella D. Ridgeway);
IB> >>and gorilla (Dian Fossey 1983 *Gorillas in the Mist*).

IB> I've been ignoring this because it's not clear to me exactly what it is
IB> that's supposed to be significant.

Actually, IB has been posting incessantly on this despite, by his
own admission, it not being clear to him just what he's posting

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