Re: Thoughts on "Origins of human thought"

23 Oct 1995 23:51:18 GMT

In article <46gbtj$>, Griffin <> writes:
>But how do you deal with matter in a rigorous fashion? Interacting with
>an animal is almost as complicated as dealing with a human, and it's so
>easy to overlook a needed control. I guess that's why this is in the
>"soft" sciences rather than the "hard" ones, and why it takes so long to
>make real progress.

I think the blind tests that Savage-Rumbaugh has done with Kanzi, with
his back to the questioner, wearing headphones, so the only input he has
is the sound of her voice, do a good job of dispelling the subtle cuing
hypothesis, at least with bonobos. I am unaware if such tests have been
performed with other species. If not, they certainly should be.