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21 Oct 1995 14:28:15 GMT

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>Well I would suggest to you that the best way to falsify the AAT would be to find evidence of a
>purely terrestrial weeping animal. But this suggestion has been misunderstood and I have met with
>much sarcasm.....

Here's why you have been met with such sarcasm:

I have _seen Chimpanzees weep with my own eyes_. It was a mother
whose infant had died, which certainly qualifies as emotional
distress). This is as good "evidence" as anything you have presented.
I have posted it before. It has been ignored by AAH proponents while
_their_ claims are put forward and they insist they be accepted as
fact (and this includes _your_ claim that the elephant must have had
an aquatic ancestor--any references for that at all)?

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