Re: Why they don't respond ... was Re: Aquatic Animals Re:

H. M. Hubey (
21 Oct 1995 22:32:51 -0400 (J. Moore) writes:

>No, just to be straightforwardly honest, people don't respond to
>your posts because you revel in your ignorance, repeatedly
>demonstrating that not only don't you know what you're talking
>about, but that you have no wish to do the slightest reading to
>alter your sad condition.

Actually I sort of guessed that you'd fall for this.

I think in fact that you are the one that would refuse to
go along and instead of not even saying anything, you'd
come out and say that you won't say anything.

But that's been what you (and Mr. B) have been doing
for a while. So far the biggest things that I remember
you produced are things like finding missing quotation
marks, telling people that they don't know what savannah
is (when it's the other way around), things like
'cry' is an anthropomorhic term, etc etc.

Hell, you even stay out of the discussions on systematics,
philosophy of science, chemistry, blah blah.. Maybe you
should go back to checking spellings of posters..

PS. I apologize to the other readers.


Regards, Mark