Re: Ancestors of armadillos

chris brochu (
20 Oct 1995 01:06:20 GMT

In article <4660jk$> donald e. tyler, writes:

>If there is any evidence of
>mental retardation or deformaties
>associated with any of these
>species suggesting loss of chromosomes
>I would appreciate the information.
>Any ideas as to the number of
>chromosomes common ancestors had
>and what their physical characteristics
>might be?

You might also want to check the herpetological literature (Jour.
Herpetology, Copeia, Herpetologica) over the past few years. These guys
are leagues ahead of the mammalogists with regard to the relationship
between speciation and karyotype, esp. with frogs and single-sex lizards.
Articles on this subject also periodically appear in Systematic Biology
and Evolution. There's also a discussion group - - on which
you can ask questions.