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St> How come any species woulsd survive co-existing with crocodiles and
St> Hippos? In fact, they have, so
St> the potential dangers can be overcome by certain measures. Even by Aour
St> ancesters., supposedly the brightest around at that time...

St> Now, if crocodiles and early humans are incompatible, how come any other
St> species would survive
St> co-existing with crocodiles? Or how could semi-modern humans survive
St> it?

Ga> From: chris brochu <>
Ga> We've been through this one already.

Ga> Animals that co-exist with crocodylians share one of three
Ga> characteristics:

Ga> 1. They are very large (i.e. hippos), or
Ga> 2. they swim very, very well (i.e. otters), or
Ga> 3. they can get out of the water in a real hurry (i.e. ducks).

And as I have pointed out before, they reproduce at a high rate;
certainly much much higher than humans or their close relatives.

Ga> Humans arguably share none of these. The earliest hominids were much
Ga> smaller than we are; as a former competitive swimmer, I assure you that
Ga> fast swimming is not natural for us; and as a former lifeguard, I can
Ga> assure you that a "fast wade" is an oxymoron.

To show just how slow "fast" humans are, the speed record for
Olympic swimmers in the fastest event at the 1992 Olympics (the
50 meters [fastest swimming event]) was 21.91 seconds. This
equals 5.1048 mph.

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