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Ja> (J. Moore) wrote:
Ja> >
Ja> >Ga> You've actually asked a very interesting question - why is
Ja> Hominidae not
Ja> >Ga> more diverse? Unfortunately, none of the hypotheses we are arguing
Ja> here
Ja> >Ga> addresses this issue.

Ja> Actually Elaine Morgan has addressed this issue in "The Descent Of
Ja> Woman" and it's valid even for a non-AAT scenario. She suggests that
Ja> because male humans are capable of the act of rape (which is rare in
Ja> mammals normally, orangutangs are another primate example) female sexual
Ja> preferences have much less effect on speciation.
Ja> James Borrett.

Please don't edit out all my writing when you head the result
"J. Moore wrote:"

What I wrote, and you left out, was an explanation of this lack of
species diversity. Morgan, you say, claims it was due to mass
rape on a continual basis. I think her explanation is less
likely, especially when you see signs that human males have been
the subject of sexual selection even down to *Homo sapiens

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