Re: AAT: Closing Argument

Thu, 19 Oct 1995 07:57:54 GMT

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>Subject: Re: AAT: Closing Argument
>Date: 18 Oct 1995 15:33:05 GMT

>JF Dullaart <> wrote:
>>Women need extra bouyancy in an watery environment to help them cope with
>>young children, and they have therefore evolved breasts which can be
>>regarded as life a form of built life preserving floats.

>I don't completely agree that breasts are bouyancy devices. I think that
>female breast shape is a consequence of hairlessness. The baby can no
>longer grab hold of the body hair and pull itself to the nipple, so the
>nipple must be lowered to the baby's mouth and suspended on a dollopy
>base that the baby can grab hold of. Dugongs and sea-cows have similar
>breast-shapes to human females, presumably as a consequence of their
>nudity, back in the days when the baby dugongs still had hands.

>James Borrett.

James, is your response serious? I don't see a :-)