AAT: Closing Argument

JF Dullaart (jfd@its.uct.ac.za)
18 Oct 1995 13:29:24 GMT

Are'nt you all tired yet of an argument with such self evident proof? How
can any one still doubt the validity of our AA ancestry? So many
irrefutable facts have already been presented that this debate should
really be brought to an end!

To assist in doing this, I offer a final bit of proof for the AAT:

Women need extra bouyancy in an watery environment to help them cope with
young children, and they have therefore evolved breasts which can be
regarded as life a form of built life preserving floats. This feature is
strongly linked to male approval and therefore sexual selection which
further enhances this survival trait.

Warning: I will burn all flames!

Franz Dullaart (021) 650 3053
/ ho€ bome braak die meeste wind /
Now that I ewes a spell chucker, I
know long her make spelling missed