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H. M. Hubey (
17 Oct 1995 23:19:56 -0400 (Thomas Clarke) writes:

>I wonder what your scenario is.

>Tom Clarke

I think it goes like this

Once upon a time, there was a forest. Then lightning struck and
burned a long stretch of the forest down the middle. So the
proto-humans (still like chimps) got stuck on two sides of
this stretch of savannah. They wanted to go visit their
friends and relatives on the other side but the lions, hyenas
and wild dogs (actually their ancestors) had settled in the
[mosaic] savannah in between the two forests. So the
proto-humans had to make rapid dashes from one forest to
the other and back.

Naturally the females had to carry their babies with their
arms so they had to stand up and run bipedally. The males
had to carry presents when they went on their friendly
visits. So whenever they made their dashes, the predators
would go for them. Naturally, those who via mutation had
started to gravitate toward a more bipedal posture and
longer legs kept surviving the mad dashes whereas those
that didn't make it died off.

Those that never wanted to take their babies along with
them, and the males that refused to take presents were
eventually kicked out of the group for having bad manners
and they became chimps and gorillas.

:-)... How is that? :-)...

Oh, I forgot, when the predators weren't around they
used to stand up on two legs to practice their running
skills and also to forage so that the noonday heat
wouldn't effect them as much :-)..

And the constant running made them overheat and the
resulting anxiety started to make them lose their hair.
This is the reason why males still become bald due
to worry and anxiety :-)... It's an old habit that's
genetic. The chimps naturally are the dumb ones; they
never worried so they never lost their hair.


Regards, Mark