Re: Guide for anti-AATers

David L Burkhead (
17 Oct 1995 13:03:39 GMT

In article <45t7pb$> writes:
>Alex Duncan <> wrote:elephants have very
>>large brains -- in absolute terms -- they must therefore eat a lot of
>OK then, what about those tears?

What _about_ them? So far that is nothing but a totally
unsupported claim that, so far as I can see, was just made up off the
top of someone's head. You still haven't provided references that A)
Aquatic animals in general shed tears from emotional distress and B)
Terrestrial animals do not.

Until you provide actual verifiable data it's no stronger a claim
than that our ancestors came out of the gene labs on 47 Ophiuchi III,
or a place called "Eden" for that matter.

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