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16 Oct 1995 12:04:15 -0700 writes:

>Why let others deal with it? Don't you have an answer? I'll get
>references if you want them, it's just that I log on to this from work so
>I can't devote hours of the day to it. So give us a while and I'll get
>them for you....

Regarding this "red herring" about fish oil,
To give this newsgroup an idea of how out of touch with real science the
pro-AAT-ers are, here is a science *journal* reference that discusses the
role of fatty acids in the developing fetus' brain:

Carlson et. al, 1993. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
July, 1993.

Susan Carlson and her co-workers found that fatty acids are needed to fully
develop the fetal brain. HOWEVER, (and here is where the pro-AAT sheep
twist the facts around), the mother can synthesize the fatty acids, herself.
The dominant fatty acid that is found in the brain of a human is
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and accounts for more than one third of all
fatty acids in the brains gray matter and the eye's retina, too.
It was shown that PREMATURE infants benefited from formulas of fish-oil, but
ONLY because they were born prematurely, and the fatty acids that the mother
makes could no longer supply the fetus.
The study also showed that the mother also synthesizes another fatty acid
called arachidonic acid, that is essential to the developing fetus.
Premature babies fed fish oil had visual accuity similar to that of term
and preterm infants receiving breastmilk.
In other words, fish oil is not essential for a normal-birth baby. All
essential brain-growth nutrients are synthesized by the mother and are
provided via the placenta or the breast. Fish oil is only a poor SUBSTITUTE
for normal brain nutrients...if the baby is a "premee".
I wish you pro-AAT-ers would get your facts straight, and stop twisting the
truth around to suit your needs.