Re: The Aquatic Adaptation of the Human Ear
16 Oct 1995 09:07:34 GMT

David Froehlich <> wrote:
>References? Frankly I have never asked an elephant if it was emotionally
>disturbed. For that matter, I haven't asked any marine mammals either.
>How was this data collected? Who did it? What other animals did they
>enquire of as to their emotional state?

The challenge here was for you to falsify the strongest argument for AAT. I'm not going to help
you do it too much. Do a bids search for AAT papers as a start or look at Dewi Morgan's WWW
pages.Go and find a refence of any purely terrestrial animal weeping in response to having it's
young kidnapped or something like that and AAT will be defeated because it is a testable
hypothesis that all animals that shed tears when emotionally upset have recent marine ancesters.

does this mean that all
>primates evolved in an aquatic setting?

All I'm saying here is that there was a limit as to how big our brains could grow until we
started eating lots of fish. If this argument is defeated as well then you can consider at least a
partial defeat for AAT.

James Borrett.