Re: fossil foot bones

H. M. Hubey (
15 Oct 1995 15:32:09 -0400 (the skeptic) writes:

>Nobody gave me a percentage of how much time chimpanzees spend on the ground
>but I will take your word for the 90% figure.

It's not mine. Someone else posted it (along with a whole
bunch of insults :-))

>However, it is misleading not
>to include the fact that most of the time when they are 'walking' they are not
>walking bipedally.

Well, let's see

1) the foot bones say tree-climber
2) the observation (according to you) says not bipedal, and
according to the other poster that it's terrestrial (at least
90% of the time)
3) the bones of the whole skeleton is somewhere between
bipedal and quadrupedal.

These comments shold be kept in mind when discussing the
shapes of fossil bones and when discussing real or alleged aquaticity.


Regards, Mark