Re: grasping feet

Annette Smith (
14 Oct 95 20:08:14 GMT

Alex Duncan <> wrote:

>>Clarke and Tobias (1995, Science 269:529-541) claim "grasping" ability
>>for the hallux in Stw 573. The did NOT, however, directly compare these
>>specimens to either the work of Latimer and Lovejoy, nor even the
>>specimens from Hadar. The have also not yet made Stw 573, nor even casts
>>of Stw 573, available for comparison. Therefore, the jury remains out on
>>Stw 573. However, the the small amount of divergence pictured in Clarke
>>and Tobias' figure is clearly NOT ape-like, and they conveniently did NOT
>>illustrate an ape in this figure.

>I agree that we all need to see casts, etc. My initial impression from
>the pictures is that it sure looks like a abductable hallux. I guess we
>all have our biases.

saw the casts, not for a realy long time, but it looks like there is
definitely evidence for a divergent big toe, which may be evidence for
a grasping foot. Tobias gave a lecture at the University of Toronto 2
weeks ago and brought pictures and the casts.

just my $.02

annette smith