Re: Crocodile Rock

chris brochu (
15 Oct 1995 15:26:26 GMT

In article <45qvk9$> Magnus Sterky, writes:
>How come any species woulsd survive co-existing with crocodiles and Hippos? In >fact, they have, so
>the potential dangers can be overcome by certain measures. Even by Aour >ancesters., supposedly the
>brightest around at that time...

We've been through this one already.

Animals that co-exist with crocodylians share one of three

1. They are very large (i.e. hippos), or

2. they swim very, very well (i.e. otters), or

3. they can get out of the water in a real hurry (i.e. ducks).

Humans arguably share none of these. The earliest hominids were much
smaller than we are; as a former competitive swimmer, I assure you that
fast swimming is not natural for us; and as a former lifeguard, I can
assure you that a "fast wade" is an oxymoron.

Indeed, as I think about this more, I think the proto-human-as-swimmer
thing is pigshit. Suppose you are swimming and are attacked by a croc.
What do you do? Do you calmly and efficiently swim away? I've never
been attacked by a croc, but I have been frightened in the water, and
I've seen others likewise panic. A human in such circumstances usually
thrashes around pointlessly, choking on water. I'm sure there are true
stories of surfers or divers who managed to keep their cool while
attacked by a shark, but this would not be the general response for the
average person.

ps. I agree- the danger from crocs in a marine setting is overstated.
But, they do occur there.