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J. Moore (
Sun, 15 Oct 95 10:57:00 -0500

Pa> Could't we have some _constructive_ criticism for a change, Jim?

Pointing out errors is constructive, if the person who made the
error will look at reality. If you won't look at reality, I'd
have to say that's not my responsibility.

Pa> For instance, (a) What's your *rough* estimate of how long it took
Pa> for full bipedalism to develop? (And when was that?)

Before any of these questions can be answered I'd have to know
what your definition of "full" bipedalism is.

Pa> I presume you accept that there were major disadvantages in becoming
Pa> bipedal: i.e. the mother had to use one or both arms to carry her child
Pa> everywhere she went, meaning that she could not run, climb, use a club,
Pa> or throw rocks when in the presence of a predator, nor could she sleep
Pa> in a tree at night.

I've already pointed out several times that your above conclusions
are your own personl fantasy and have not been supported in any way.

Pa> So the advantages of becoming bipedal must have been enormous. Someday
Pa> I'd like to know what you thought they were.
Pa> Paul.

Well, when you stop living your fantasy version of scientific
discourse, we'll talk.

Jim Moore (

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