Re: Crocodile Rock
14 Oct 1995 11:42:31 GMT

chris brochu <> wrote:

>This is strong evidence AGAINST the AAS. You're in even greater danger
>from hippos in the water than out of it. You thus have to stay away from
>both hippos and crocs.

Hippos live in freshwater only, don't they? So by making our way to the
sea-side we perhaps reduce our risk of being chewed-on. Anyway, I
certainly don't believe the happy sea-side picnic picture of AAT that
some people have so I think this whole argument is missing the point
somewhat. Yes, our ancesters would have died in large numbers to
crocodiles if they swam in the sea. But it isn't impossible that some
would have survived, so this doesn't destroy the theory.

James Borrett.