Re: post from Holloway
14 Oct 1995 10:58:56 GMT

>>It must be disheartening to Elaine Morgan to find her most ardent
>>supporters so often turning out to be crackpots (unless she
>>doesn't care about the ideas, and is only in it for the money).

I resent being labelled a crackpot. I prefer to be called a heretic. And
if you are disillutioned enough to be impressed by someone's choice of
career instead of their intellect, I'm a human geneticist who supports
the AAT. If all these ardent supporters are just crackpots how come you
guys with your lovely big brains and scietific methods haven't ganged up
and crushed the AAT totally? See my post Re: a guide for anti-AATers and
we'll settle this argument once and for all!

James Borrett.