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Mon, 16 Oct 1995 06:23:22 GMT (H. M. Hubey) graced us with the following

> (J. Moore) writes:

Actually if you had paid paid attention you would have realized that
Moore was posting a message from Ralph Holloway . . . that is,
Dr. Ralph Holloway, Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University.

>>I've noticed that Hubey started out posting in "race" threads on
>>sci-anthro, taking the standard "races as propounded by racists

>Your little world must consist of two newsgroups. Fella, I've
>been posting on many newsgroups for many years.

Most people have a life outside of their Usenet postings and few
people really have time to follow discussions on so many groups and
still make substantial professional contributions.

>>are valid groupings" dogma, and since have noticed that he posts
>>in groups like SocCroatia etc., i.e., wheverever dissension can be
>>stirred by baiting people he views as "in power positions". In

>Another ignoramus who finds two pieces of data and weaves a whole
>evolutionary life history. Little brain, I've been posting to
>soc.culture groups like iranian, turkish, russian, yugoslavia,
>croatia, and even more for years.

And the vast majority of what gets posted to newsgroups is worthless
garbage. That doesn't need to be the case but I have been reading
usenet newsgroups since 1987. What I have noticed is that the number
of newsgroups has increased dramatically but the quality of material
posted has stayed about the same.

>As for sci check out nonlinear, and before that logic, and
>before that linguistics.

>And finally, ye of little brain, check out my homepage
>and get your free copy of the book on linguistics. In it
>you'll find lots of stuff on "distance" and metric space.
>Check out the stuff on historical linguistics and development
>of language. You might get the cobwebs out of your still
>unused or underutilized little brain.

I did, very impressive. However, there is nothing there that gives
you special expertise in the area of paleontology or biological
variation. I have also read a number of Dr. Holloway's publications
on human evolution, especially the evolution of the brain and
language. If I were you I wouldn't try comparing vitae just yet.

>Some of the ideas are applicable as well in this little
>tinkertoy universe of yours. For example, check out the
>stuff on discrete metric spaces. The little shit about
>cladistics and why it actually is attempting to define
>distance in a hazy way could possibly become clear to
>you in a few years if you work diligently enough. If you
>can't read my book try some phonology book and check
>out the "distinctive features" stuff. When you finally
>think you got it in a few years time, you should try
>reading my book again. You might be able to understand
>a few things. Don't lose hope.

I'll bet your students just love you.

>It's a new world out there and it's tough for the
>underdeveloped and deprived children who've been feed a
>big diet of positive feedback all their lives from
>their parents and their teachers. Count your blessings
>that someone whacked you into reality. You might yet
>learn that you might benefit from this post. Maybe in
>about 20 years you'll be able to understand what just
>happened. I suggest you make a photocopy of this post
>and stick it in one of your books so you can read it
>many years from now. it will help you remember.

Unfortunately your positions on race (and apparently education) are
not the product of a brave new world view, but a throwback to an older
world view which periodically raises its ugly head. You can spit and
howl and display your penis all you want. Those of use with some
background in primate behavior recognize this for exactly what it is
and we just laugh.

>>It must be disheartening to Elaine Morgan to find her most ardent
>>supporters so often turning out to be crackpots (unless she
>>doesn't care about the ideas, and is only in it for the money).

>It wasn't her idea. And it's not mine. And the SST is not
>your idea. You defend it because you're programmed to do so.
>You will eventually grow up and out of it.

> Regards, Mark

Phil Nicholls
"To ask a question you must first know most of the answer"
-Robert Sheckley