Re: chimp bipeds

Alexander S. Duncan (
13 Oct 1995 15:33:54 GMT

In article <45lnlv$>, (Thomas Clarke) says:
>In article <45clde$> Alex Duncan
><> writes:
>> It has been demonstrated (w/ those omnipotent numbers) that chimps are no
>> less effecient (use no more energy) moving bipedally than quadrupedally.
>> I'd give you references, but we all know that would be pointless.
>Not at all pointless. Some of us are curious to see the original
>source, the assumptions and methodology used etc.
I'm sorry -- I meant it would be pointless to cite references for Mr. Hubey's benefit, as he apparently was born with all the knowledge he'll ever need. Check Rodman & McHenry in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology for year 1981. I don't have the exact reference with me, but will provide it shortly. Rodman & McHenry didn't do the original research, but provide references for the original research.