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Cl> In article <45clde$> Alex Duncan
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Cl> > It has been demonstrated (w/ those omnipotent numbers) that chimps are
Cl> no
Cl> > less effecient (use no more energy) moving bipedally than
Cl> quadrupedally.
Cl> > I'd give you references, but we all know that would be pointless.

Cl> Not at all pointless. Some of us are curious to see the original
Cl> source, the assumptions and methodology used etc.
Cl> Tom Clarke

It's pointless to supply it to someone who isn't going to read it.
But since you asked instead, here's the ref from one of Phil
Nichols' old posts (you're on an educational system, aren't you;
maybe you should check the archives. A lot of this stuff --
virtually all, really -- has been gone over in detail before).

Rodman PS and McHenry HM (1980) Energetics and the origin of
hominid bipedalism. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

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