Re: Convergent traits... was Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (
13 Oct 1995 16:32:35 -0400 (J. Moore) writes:

>TC> No law of course, only the observation of the convergent evolution of
>TC> similar traits to fill similar niches in vastly different species and
>TC> locales.

>TC> Tom Clarke

They must be explicable in terms of fundamental laws, some
of them from physics, and yes Mr. Clarke is correct. There
must be regularity or pattern; otherwise where is the

>Like those convergent traits seen among all aquatic marine
>mammals: smaller or non-existent ears;

we have smaller ears than chimps. thank you. Regular rules
follow; elephants ears might have to do with increasing
surface area because of its mass.

shorter or non-existent

short arms. Legs are from AAT as we keep saying.

extremely large, heavily lobulated kidneys; and young that
>are born quite advanced compared to similar terrestrial mammals
>(for example, seals as opposed to land-based carnivores), or
>which grow very quickly, or both.

Lower lives grow slowly. And we are quite large. Except for
the gorilla we top the list in our group.

Why are
>humans so conspiciously the odd man out in all these ubiquitous
>convergent traits?


Regards, Mark