Convergent traits... was Re: AAT Theory

J. Moore (
Wed, 11 Oct 95 17:54:00 -0500

TC> >Apart from that,as far I know their is no evolutionary law
TC> >that
TC> >states that a "good trick" discovered by one species will also be hit
TC> >upon by another.

TC> No law of course, only the observation of the convergent evolution of
TC> similar traits to fill similar niches in vastly different species and
TC> locales.

TC> Tom Clarke

Like those convergent traits seen among all aquatic marine
mammals: smaller or non-existent ears; shorter or non-existent
limbs; extremely large, heavily lobulated kidneys; and young that
are born quite advanced compared to similar terrestrial mammals
(for example, seals as opposed to land-based carnivores), or
which grow very quickly, or both. We have none of these traits,
and as far as our young are concerned, we've changed in the
opposite direction from all aquatic marine mammals. Why are
humans so conspiciously the odd man out in all these ubiquitous
convergent traits?

Jim Moore (

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