Re: Hominid Family Tree

Alex Duncan (
13 Oct 1995 12:20:45 GMT

In article <> Debra Mckay, writes:

>I wonder how i missed the tree...Actually, H. rudolfensis is primitive
>cranially, but quite derived post-cranially. I'm not going to go out on
>a limb, though (;>) over its position on the family tree.

How about some specifics? How is H. rudolfensis derived postcranially?
What specimens are you including in H. rudolfensis?

I'm not denying what you say -- It's my impression that H. rudolfensis
has H. erectus-like postcrania, but that impression is based on pretty
scrappy material that could turn out to belong to H. erectus if it gets
older than 1.77 Myr.

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