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14 Oct 1995 12:35:26 GMT

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>The important point in my mind is that the fat is fused to the skin
>rather than to internal organs, and this feature is shared with aquatic
>animals and wallowers etc. but not with chimps and other primates.

You have a source, with references, for this so-called "fact"?
Back when I was hunting every animal that _I_ ever skinned had fat
fused to the skin. It didn't matter whether the animal was "aquatic"
or not. Note that humans also have fat attached to internal organs
(this is why ultrasonic or body electrical resistance measurements of
body fat percentage are so much more accurate than skin-fold

This is _exactly_ the kind of "evidence" on which tha AAH
rests--claims that something is an "aquatic trait" without any regard
to whether or not it actually _is_.

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