Temperature Extremes (Re: AAT Theory

H. M. Hubey (hubey@pegasus.montclair.edu)
12 Oct 1995 14:00:23 -0400

I asked the Central Asian Mailing List about temperature
extremes in the Asian steppe. Here are the results.

>From tarmstrong@pcorps.alma-ata.suThu Oct 12 12:42:45 1995
Subject: Time:15:24
OFFICE MEMO Temperatures Date:12/10/95
The temperature extremes in Almaty, Kazakstan, at the edge of the steppes are

Jan -34 12
Feb -32 14
Mar -28 24
Apr -11 29
May -1 36
Jun 4 38
Jul 7 38
Aug 4 37
Sep -3 34
Oct -17 29
Nov -27 23
Dec -32 15

Look at the month of May. The high during the day is about 95F and
the low at night is below freezing i.e. about 30F. Is this the
ideal climate for losing hair???

You'll get burned to a crisp during the day and freeze at night.
If the night temperature wasn't so cold, then it still gets
very hot at night. If heat rejection is a big problem for larger
animals then we'd expect our wimps to get smaller and instead
they seem to get larger. Why?

More to follow.


Regards, Mark