knuckle walking

Alex Duncan (
12 Oct 1995 02:23:24 GMT

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David Froehlich, writes:

>Phylogenetically, only 2-1 because Pan is a clade. Alex may correct me
>but I seem to remember somebody or other argueing that the two types of
>nuckle walking were different and implied a different phylogenetic origin????

Actually, my impression is that the arguments for knuckle-walking anatomy
being a synapomorphy are pretty strong. This is, of course, somewhat
inconvenient for those who think Pan & Homo form a clade. The fact is,
however, that the molecular data are inconclusive on this point. There
are only one or two putative morphological synapomorphies that link Pan &
Homo (H. Erwin, jump in here and correct me?). There are a large number
of potential synapomorphies linking Pan & Gorilla, mostly having to do w/
dental enamel & the knuckle walking complex.

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