Re: lions, chimps and sticks

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
10 Oct 95 23:09:55 MDT (H. M. Hubey) writes:
>rtravsky@UWYO.EDU (Rich Travsky) writes:
>>>It's difficult for humans to even scare off cheetahs.
>>Chimps are stronger than humans and have bigger teeth. I do not think
>>it would be the mismatch you suggest.
>Hyenas hunt in groups and are more aggressive.
Chimps go in groups too.

>A lone cheetah can be scared off by a group. I've seen a footage
>of two men running a cheetah off its prey, so I suppose many
>screaming chimps might do the trick too.

Many animals are frightened by noise. Even chimps themselves.
I believe it's Goodall who described the instance where a low
ranking chimp got a jerry can and dragged it around making a
hellish racket, scaring the others (and gaining in rank).

Screaming (a chimp scream is pretty high pitched) accompanied
by arm waving, ground thumping, throwing of loose objects adds
to the effect.

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