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David L Burkhead (
10 Oct 1995 12:57:37 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
> (George Black) writes:
[ 8 ]
>>Hurrah, (and may I add) as a sports diver for a number of years -- one of the
>>things that no-one has mentioned here is the thermocline.
>>The energy of the swimmer/wader/diver is compromised by the chill factor, the
>>workload (working against the tides, wave action, etc)

[ 8< Discussion of boundary layer deleted >8 ]

That's not what the thermocline is. Once again, in his attempt
to impress with name-dropping and buzzwords, Mr. Hubey displays his
profound ignorance of the subject on which he discourses.

David L. Burkhead

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