Re: AAT Theory

David Froehlich (
Sun, 8 Oct 1995 17:00:13 -0500

On 7 Oct 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:

> David Froehlich <> writes:
> >How about elephants and rhinos?
> Don't rhinos have noses that can close?

Once again you are arguing from a total ignorance of the data. No indeed
they do not, anymore than horses do. You have missed the point
entirely. You stated that no mammals were hairless that were not either
fossorial or aquatic. Now, with no information on the evolution of the
rhinoceroses you imply that they to must have undergone an aquatic
transition. Just as an aside, why are they not bipedal if this were true?

I am in complete agreement with Dr. Brochu that you are not worth
discussing anything with since a dsicussion is an exchange of information
and your mind is demonstrably closed on these subjects.

As my advisor told me yesterday "only an idiot argues with a fool" and I
am certainly that idiot.

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