Re: AAT:A method to falsify

Phillip Bigelow (
10 Oct 1995 15:41:03 -0700

I wrote:
>> I am amazed at how resistent the pro-AAT-ers are toward tests for
>> falsification.
>> There is no living animal that is hairless, 100 pounds or less, with 12
>> body fat that is aquatic or semi-aquatic. None. Not even in warm
>> waters.

Elaine Morgan responded:
>Implying:Therefore the hominids cannot have evolved in the water.

No, that is not what the fact suggests. It suggests that there may be a
size-surface area/volume-body-fat thermoregulatory barrier for
hairless mammals...which should be explored both experimentally and with
computer modelling. It says nothing about whether hominds evolved in the
NOW, Elaine....*if* this physiological barrier does exist for heat
retention...then you have a problem with hairlessness in your aquatic ape.
It doesn't spell doom for your theory, but it does spell doom for a hairless
aquatic ape. All it would falsify is the hairless aspect of the theory.