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David L Burkhead (
9 Oct 1995 11:41:07 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
>David Froehlich <> writes:
>>On 7 Oct 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:
>>> With the temperature differential of about 10 degrees it would
>>> be possible to compute the level of physical activity needed
>>> to keep a state state temperature in water. If it's too high,
>>> we can then compute the proportion of time needed in water
>>> and in air to keep a steady state temperature for survival.
>I realize now I was right about you.

<clap, clap, clap> Argument by aspersion? Or is this just plain
ad hominem? Why do you constantly retreat into logical fallacies?

>Some people only repeat things they memorized. It's happened
>before in other fields. I can see now clearly that the
>reason for the miscommunication is what I thought it was.

And some people can't seem to be bothered to learn something
about a subject before discoursing on them.

>Reread the sentences above and think about it a little. Then
>you can pay more attention to what I write from now on. I can't
>spare the time to write longer pieces when shorter ones are
>crystal clear, at least to me and others who understand what
>is being written.

I _have_ read your sentences above. It's drivel. It shows a
profound ignorance of the mechanisms involved (the garbage in), so
that it's no surprise that the results are worthless (the garbage

Now, I'm not knowlegeable about every topic on which you've set
fingers to keyboard, but in every one that I _am_ knowlegeable, you
have made so many basic errors of fact that your credibility is
virtually nonexistant.

>PS. So now the arguments about heat loss etc take a back seat
>it looks like, and hairlessness is just an accident.

And another piece of "evidence" for AAH (hairlessness) bites the

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